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Kellen Milad • Movement Coach

Training programs & coaching to restore your freedom of movement, functional strength, and keep you CONFIDENT & CAPABLE for life!


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Classes & Training Programs

Join me on the Playbook App where I share movement classes & training programs that are conveniently accessible on your phone. Learn how I blend strength & mobility by integrating bodyweight, weight training, and flow movement.

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On-Demand Videos

If you love the guided practices on my YouTube channel, check out my full library of tutorials, courses, and follow-along practices - the MVMT // LFE Collection. A one-time payment for lifetime access.

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Work With Me 1:1

My 1:1 coaching programs are designed to provide holistic, personalized support for your unique movement journey. A mix of programming, online resources, and coaching calls to take you deeper into your practice. A great option for  dedicated practitioners & coaches.

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10-Day Free Course

Begin your movement journey with me in my Ground Movement 101 course. It's a full 10-day program designed to lay out the foundational movement patterns you need to begin your holistic movement journey. 

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