Guided Movement Workouts for
Strength • Mobility • Longevity


A holistic fitness approach for every BODY. Blending strength & flexibility for a workout that keeps you PAIN-FREE and MOVING WELL.

I know that staying on top of your health & fitness can come with some challenges...


The balancing act of managing CAREER, FAMILY, and SELF-CARE.

Figuring out how to get the RESULTS you want...without spending hours the gym.

The chronic PAIN & INJURIES that keep derailing your progress.

If you're feeling BORED or BURNED OUT with traditional workouts...I'll show you a BETTER WAY


☑️ Restore your freedom of movement

☑️ Alleviate chronic pain & stress 

☑️ Heal old injuries & prevent new ones

☑️ Feel confident to enjoy the activities you love

You'll love these daily movement practices to stretch, strengthen, and keep your body in balance.

Don't waste years of your life stuck in PAIN & IMMOBILITY.

Are your workouts keeping you on top of your game
...or are they running you into the ground? 


Do you have the same energy you had in your 20's
...or are you living with chronic aches & pain?


Are your daily habits actively promoting recovery
...or are you just "winging" it? 


Is your fitness fueling a positive mindset?
...or does every day feel like a grind?

Stay FIT, PAIN-FREE, and enjoy your HIGHEST quality of life with MVMT // LFE!

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Ground Movement 101

The 10-day jumpstart to transform how you move & feel!

The traditional approach to health & fitness is BROKEN...


In today's world, a holistic healthy lifestyle has become much harder to maintain.


We spend too much time sitting or inactive. Junk food is more common than real nutrition. Social media is overtaking real human connection. We're constantly in the grips of stress & anxiety.


Traditional exercise is supposed to keep us healthy... but it's often focused on how your body looks rather than how it feels & how it moves


We've been taught "NO PAIN, NO GAIN". We push ourselves to the point of pain & injury. Our bodies break down with too much high-intensity training...and we call it "getting old".


We're trapped in a vicious cycle where we are LOSING our health & vitality every year.


But there's a way to REVERSE the damage the make healthy living SIMPLE & SUSTAINABLE.

STAY moving well for whatever matters MOST!

  • Eliminate chronic aches & pains. Simple movement practices to restore your body in just minutes a day.
  • No gym required. Effective fitness focused on bodyweight training & minimal equipment. 
  • Support your mental health. Mindful movement practices to relieve stress & anxiety. Rediscover the joy in movement through play. 
  • A proven system. A progressive practice for strength & mobility that delivers amazing results.
  • The support to help you thrive. Coaching calls & check-ins to get support whenever you're feeling stuck.

The MVMT // LFE Collection

My entire library of tutorials, guided practices, and resources to help you bring the power of primal movement to your fitness training & life!