Fitness Training with Consciousness

Movement Parallels Life is the concept of fitness training with consciousness. The idea that our fitness should be natural & our personal development should be down-to-Earth.

I’m the creator, Kellen Milad.

Before I came into the fitness industry, I spent years studying psychology. From this perspective, I began to see that movement and life have a lot in common. Movement started as just exercise but turned into a way of life.

Now I promote a holistic and integrative approach that blends physical, mental, and emotional fitness through organic movement.

I want you to share with you a different vision for movement and show you how to build a fitness practice that you can maintain for a lifetime.

What I Offer…


The Free Mover Mobility Project

My take on natural mobility training. Creative movement practices blending strength, mobility, and athleticism. Stay moving well for a lifetime.


Naturally Fit

My e-learning courses will take you step-by-step to a new paradigm in holistic health & fitness.


Online Training Programs

Structure & support for your movement & fitness training. Unique movement workouts delivered daily to your inbox.