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Does it feel like your body is breaking down and becoming stiff as you age?

Do you want to live an active life without chronic pain and restrictions…

But does it feel like the older you get, the harder it is to stay fit and pain-free?

Most mainstream exercise routines focus on overly intense workouts that leave your body stiff & sore,

Which can lead to regular injuries, poorer mobility, and stiffness...

Giving your body no true time to rest, loosen up, and heal.

And how can you live a HAPPY & HEALTHY life if your body isn’t properly taken care of?


There is a BETTER method to healing your body that allows you to: 


✔️Move with EASE & FLUIDITY

✔️Eliminate Chronic Aches & Pain

✔️Build a STRONG & FLEXIBLE Body

✔️Stay Feeling Vibrant & Energized...at any age 


All it takes are the RIGHT tools & mindset.



Your Guide to Unlocking Pain-free Movement 


“My body feels much better and I noticed agility and flexibility has improved immensely! Not just that, but I as a person have much more confidence and trust in myself than before.

This is also the first time that workout feels like a play or dance and activity where I’m having fun and enjoyment.”

Lex Squire

“Movement Parallels Life with Kellen is the most complete, beautiful, and compassionate collection of movement I’ve ever encountered.

These videos help me explore all the possibilities in my movement. Kellen encourages us to pull from our hearts and express ourselves through play & flow. To explore and grow and be more human.

Movement is art…and that’s what Kellen guides us to find for ourselves—the art and beauty of our primal nature, all while making us stronger and more resilient.”

Daniel Moore

“I’ve been following Kellen for nearly 5 years with powerful results.  I am forever grateful!  His instructional videos have helped me cultivate a self-care practice that enabled me to double my income.  I am able to do things with my body I couldn’t do 20 years ago.”

What is The Movement Parallels Life Collection?

This collection takes a deep dive into movement training for a holistic transformation.

Break free from mainstream exercise methods that keep you in pain and progressively build your own practice for sustainability & longevity.

You will be equipped with the tools to build a complete movement practice including restorative movement, strength & conditioning, and real-world movement skills.

  • 150+ Guided Video Practices.
  • 9 Complete Programs (For all fitness levels)
  • 1-1 Monthly Coaching Calls.
  • Step-by-step self-coaching video assessment guide.

This collection is RIGHT for you if you are: 

  • Feeling like your fitness has become a GRIND.
  • Missing the joy you once had for movement and want to reignite PLAY in your life.
  • Experiencing recurring injuries from your current fitness routine.
  • Looking to revamp your fitness for a holistic lifestyle change.

❌ This Collection is NOT for:

  • Somone who doesn't take their bodies needs seriously.
  • Someone only interested in training for weight loss or aesthetics.
  • Someone with a “no pain, no gain” mindset.
  • Someone with significant chronic conditions or loss of movement function.

 You're gonna love these practices...and the way you feel. 


Lifetime Access to All of My Guided Practices & Programs.

Full access to my 150+ guided practices and 9 in-depth programs, that cover:

  • Programs and guided practices for all fitness levels.
  • Learn how to perform video assessments to continuously improve and stay on track.
  • Restore your body, energy levels, and joy for life with 15-20 minute daily practices. 

(Valued at $1541)

1:1 Coaching Calls

There's no substitute for having a dedicated coach in your corner!

Connect with me once per month on a 30-minute call to get feedback on your practice and stay accountable to your goals.

(Valued at $997)


Get LIFETIME Access to the Collection for one flat-rate. Payment includes all current content + new content is always being added.

(Valued at $997)

Total Value: 


Get It Today For:




I have full confidence in the effectiveness of my collection, and I guarantee that with just 30 minutes of daily practice, you will experience significant improvements in your mobility, flexibility, and a noticeable reduction in pain within 14 days. However, if you are not completely satisfied with the results after the initial 14 days, you will get a full refund no questions asked.

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Reignite Your Joy for Movement. 

The Movement Parallels Life Collection is your path to FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT

  • Daily movement & mobility for HEALTHY JOINTS  & STRONG MUSCLES.
  • Strength, balance, & flexibility to support SUSTAINABLE FITNESS.
  • Keep your body RESILIENT & ADAPTABLE for better real world movement.
  • PLUS have me in your corner once a month to hold you accountable to your success!
The Membership makes it EASY to stay consistent & transform your fitness!

What people are saying about the 

Movement Parallels Life Collection...

David Barclay

“I’m LOVING the MVMT // LFE Collection!

Right now, the Foundations section and the Vitamin Movement program are my favorites. The practices allow me to explore movement and play. I can easily tap into flow and the sweet spot between skill and challenge. Thank you for all your inspiration & guidance!”

Rachel Briggs

"The MVMT//LFE Collection is the movement universe I have been searching for and Kellen has been an amazing guide.

He provides the safest place to tune in and explore movement at your own pace with clear guidance on mind + body connection, encouraging curiosity and play no matter your skill level.

The Collection is neatly organized and easy to navigate. The ability to save favorites within the app is a bonus and the search function is super helpful when referencing movements.

I am forever grateful for his guidance and support on my mind/body/soul fitness journey."

Teddy Mutumbo

“I worked 1:1 with Kellen and it completely changed the way I approach movement. Afterwards, I signed up for The MVMT // LFE Collection to keep my progress going. I was blown away! Such a huge library of videos help me learn new skills and build my strength & mobility. My body feels amazing and I have so much fun with these movements!”


What makes 

Movement Parallels Life so EFFECTIVE?


Learn healthy movements that will help your create more mobility & rejuvenate your body. Eliminate chronic aches & pain. Reduce injuries. Stay moving well & age gracefully.


It's easy to burn out on traditional exercising. These practices use PLAY & FLOW to help you better explore your movement. Make your training fun again. Build your "movement IQ" & find your flow.


Stay fit on YOUR schedule. Train at home, the gym, or outside. Move alone or with your family. The practices use minimal equipment. With MVMT // LFE healthy movement becomes a way of life!


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