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The Free Mover Morning Practice

A Powerful 6-Week Morning
Movement Routine
for Mobility, Performance,
and Longevity

Your daily supplement for movement & mobility.
Say goodbye to aches & pains. Support your fitness goals. Stay moving well for whatever matters most!

Join the Free Mover Morning Practice!

This program is specially designed to supplement your fitness with a morning (or anytime) movement practice that promotes mobility, longevity & freedom of movement

Consider this your daily movement multivitamin. A way to nourish your body with a dose of healthy movement that will fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

If your workouts or life has you feeling stiff, achy, or low energy...

These movement practices will upgrade your daily routine for higher performance, lower stress, and sustainable vitality!

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Get Ready to Supercharge your Morning Routine.

The most common issue that DERAILS people on their fitness journey...

If you're here, you probably find yourself getting older with more responsibilities & less time to take care of yourself. 

You're juggling a lot between career and family.

You know that health & fitness are a priority.

But LIFE IS BUSY...and you’re having trouble finding the time for it all.

The most common problem that people are struggling with is TIME.

You want to stay fit, but your conventional workouts are hard on your body. You're feeling the wear & tear, the inflammation and injuries start adding up.

You know that you NEED to incorporate MOBILITY & STRETCHING to feel your best… but you find yourself short on time and struggling to stay consistent.

You know the clock is ticking. You’re feeling like you’re falling behind in a race against time…

You know the stakes. You know that your fitness is a key part of your overall life success.

And you know how important your health is...not just to you but to the people you love. 

You want to be strong & healthy so you can be there for them, always. 

I get it...and I made this course for you!

The Free Mover Morning Practice is your Daily Movement Multivitamin

Here’s exactly what you’ll get inside:

  • Step-by-Step Program:¬†Every day of the week you'll get a new guided 15-minute movement practice¬†carefully crafted to strengthen your foundation of mobility, strength, and body awareness.

  • Joint Articulation Techniques:¬†Learn targeted¬†joint articulations¬†to¬†enhance your range of motion & enjoy smoother, pain-free movements in your daily activities.

  • Ground Movement Mastery:¬†Advanced ground movement practices for natural mobility to offset the effects of desk sitting & modern living.¬†Rediscover your body's natural agility to build a¬†dynamic and adaptable body.

  • Flowing Mobility Sessions:¬†Creative movement practices that blend strength with fluid movement to¬†foster¬†a more intuitive connection with your body. Making every movement an expression of art and skill.

  • Core Connection¬†Training:¬†A¬†strong¬†& adaptable core is key for all real world physical activities. These specialized routines will help improve posture, reduce back pain, and enhance your athletic performance.
  • Soft Stretch Routines:¬†You'll finish out each week with a gentler, more mindful stretching¬†session¬†to promote¬†flexibility and relaxation. Slow down and move with your breath to your lower stress levels.

Start getting serious about giving your body the care it deserves!

The Free Mover Morning Practice will guide you building a powerful morning routine to support your fitness goals & longevity!

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About Your Coach

Hey! I'm Kellen Milad aka Coach Kels.

I want to help you redefine your approach to fitness.

To achieve a balance of functional strength, mobility, and skill that allows you to enjoy an active lifestyle for decades to come.

To help you move like a kid again - with confidence in your body, creativity, curiosity, and playfulness.

And to build a stronger, healthier relationship with your body.

I come from a background in counseling psychology and that definitely gives me a unique perspective on fitness.

I don't buy into a lot of the common fitness clichés.

Instead I believe in building healthy habits and prioritizing longevity.

I believe in consistent, mindful training with bodyweight & unconventional tools delivers the best results

And I believe that movement is a WAY OF LIFE. Our practice is an expression of who we are.

Basically, my whole thing is that I want you to fall in love with the journey! Instead of making fitness a "grind", you can build a practice to stay fit & healthy for a lifetime.


Great stuff, definitely best in the primal movement follow-alongs I’ve found. I’m 57 year old with scoliosis and fibromyalgia. Your practices are accessible, empowering, and inclusive. They’re playful while being mindful of beneficial movement patterns and correct form. I’m feeling pain free and stronger every day with these exercises! They complement my yoga, gardening, hiking and so much. A strong base for all those endeavors. Thank you!

As a programmer, I spend the entire day in front of the computer. I tried all sorts of exercises to help with the back pain I had for years. Some worked a bit, others didn't work at all. Your videos have been the answer. I know I sound like an evangelist, but, for me, this cured my back pain. This is why I became more keen on learning about primal movement. Thank you, from Romania! :)

Hi, I discovered your videos a few months ago after I injured myself while practicing martial arts. Your videos allowed me to regain confidence step by step; today I was able to make it through an entire session without any pain! I have regained confidence in my stances, hips mobility, and stability. I thank you for the quality, the diversity of your exercises and the atmosphere of your sessions. It's really cool to follow you.

PLUS When You Sign Up Today I'll throw in these EXTRAS...


30-min Bodyweight Workouts [PDF]

Short on time? I’ve got you covered with these bodyweight workouts!! This PDF will make sure you can always get in a COMPLETE total body workout…in 30 minutes or less!

  • Quick workouts so you can get a complete total body workout¬†FAST which¬†is perfect for busy schedules!
  • Diverse routines that are suitable for all fitness levels, ensuring you're challenged no matter where you're starting.

($37 VALUE)


Primal HIIT Guided Workout Video Series

I’m opening up my private stock of higher intensity, more dynamic movement sessions that will challenge you to grow in your strength, endurance, and skill. 

  • A perfect addition to the morning practice sessions to keep boosting your fitness!
  • Enhance your strength¬†and endurance without the need for any expensive or bulky workout equipment.

($57 VALUE)


Guided Primal Kettlebell Workout Video Series

A fusion of two powerful training modalities! Primal movement and kettlebells combined into one high-energy workout! 

  • Build strength, mobility, and endurance¬†with just a kettlebell and your own bodyweight!

($57 VALUE)

Yes! I Want Claim To My Bonuses!

The Free Mover Morning Practice is RIGHT for You if...

✅ You want to establish a healthy morning movement routine.

✅ You want to build a functionally fit body. 

✅ You're tired of experiencing recurring injuries & stiffness. 

✅ You want more FREEDOM & PLAY in your training. 

✅ You want to expand your movement practice beyond yoga.

✅ You want to improve your functional mobility and stay injury-free.

✅ You're want a live a vibrant, active lifestyle for decades to come. 

The Free Mover Morning Practice is NOT Right for You If...

‚ĚĆ You want a¬†typical approach to exercise.

‚ĚĆ You're only¬†focused on¬†short-term fitness goals.¬†

‚ĚĆ You're stuck in¬†a¬†‚Äúno pain, no gain‚ÄĚ mindset.

‚ĚĆ Not a substitute for physical therapy or medical care.

This is for ME!

Here's what you'll get when you join the Free Mover Morning Practice... 

✅ 30 Guided Movement Practices - a 6-week program!
✅ Joint Articulation Practices
✅ Ground Movement Mastery 
✅ Flowing Mobility Sessions
✅ Core Connection Training  
✅ Soft Stretch Routines
Value: $447


PLUS These TWO Exclusive Bonuses:

✅ Free Bonus #1: Twenty 30-min Bodyweight Workouts
Value: $37
✅ Free Bonus #2: Primal HIIT Guided Workouts
Value: $57
✅ Free Bonus #3: Primal + Kettlebell Guided Workouts
Value: $57


Total Program Value: $598


Your Limited Time Price: $97


By the end of this program, you’ll have established a powerful morning routine, unlocked new levels of bodily freedom, and ignited a sense of youthfulness and vitality.

You'll move better, feel better, and live better.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your mornings and fitness.

Enroll in The Free Mover Morning Practice today and take the first step towards a more vibrant, active, and joyful YOU.

Don't Wait! Join the Course Today For $97


I love these videos so much. Aside from the amazing work this does to my body, I always come away from these feeling more hopeful and positive. Powerful stuff here, Kellen. Thank you for these videos.

Ever since I started mobility training, I feel lighter and more confident. I don't feel hesitant to leap forward, across, up, down as I did before. I have suffered from chronic sciatica since 1996, it has put my body and mind protective mode... However, your approach has been perfect for me. I’ve seen better results than with any doctor or physical therapist. Thank you for caring and helping people discover a life worth moving for!

These practices are incredibly fun for me! Easy to follow and made me feel like a kid. Why do adults stop these movements as we age?! So happy to play again!

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