Blending Movement and Mentorship

In all honestly, all this movement stuff I share in these videos…it’s not really about the movement.

Movement Parallels Life is a nod to the many life lessons that I’ve learned over the years through training.

Yes, the movement practices I share will help you build your fitness. It goes deeper than that though. Looking at the bigger picture, it’s practice for self-development.

Back before I was a “movement guy” I was a psychology graduate student. I bring the perspective of a therapist into my work with movement. This combination of movement & mindfulness is what defines my approach to mentorship.

Who do I work with?

I work with highly motivated, passionate fitness professionals, yoga teachers, health coaches, and creative entrepreneurs in navigating career development and life transitions.

Many of my clients come to me with a burning desire make a positive impact in the world and a sense that they’re “meant for something greater”.

This work is driven by active participation, accountability, and a personal commitment to excellence.

Your full engagement is absolutely necessary for change to happen. In turn, I will give you everything I have without being attached to the outcome.


Through our work, you’ll come to see that you are fully capable of becoming who you want to be and fully capable building what only you can.

What does the process look like?

From technical expertise to overcoming emotional blocks…Support comes in many different forms. Mentorship looks different for everyone, but here is an overview of the process.


The process begins with a simple conversation. We’ll explore your situation and determine if we’re a good fit to work together. If so, we’ll begin to craft a mentorship agreement tailored to fit your needs. Fill out an application and I will follow up within 24 hours to schedule.

Explorative Conversations

Collaborative conversations are the lifeblood of change. In these conversations, I’ll support and challenge you explore your story, deepen your connection to your values, gain new perspective, and take decisive action.

As part of our mentorship agreement, we’ll figure out the best times to connect and explore the topics of your choosing.

Ongoing Contact

If our calls are the spark for bigger shifts, our ongoing contact is what keeps the momentum going. Life is hectic but our ongoing check-ins will keep you on track towards finding clarity and taking action.

Throughout our agreement, we’ll stay in close contact via e-mail, voice messages, or text. I’m your soundboard, advocate, and advisor as you make your way through the process.

Mentorship is a dedicated space to explore possibilities and creative solutions to bring your best work into the world. Our work will revolve around improving the clarity and reach of your unique message.

Our mentorship agreement will create the balance of thoughtful reflection, decisive action, and supportive accountability that is right for you.