Movement Parallels Life

Movement encapsulates exercise, work, play, recreation, and utility. Our lives are defined by movement. Moving well, moving often, and moving in a wide variety of ways is essential for getting the most out of life.

Movement || Life is about mindful moving and living. We pay attention to the small details that help us perform at the highest level or live with the highest quality.  Mindfulness in movement soon overflows into our everyday lives.   

Movement || Life recognizes that movement and life share a common purpose - to explore, share, and grow. 

Movement || Life represents the idea that through our fitness, our work, and our play we are constantly learning about life and growing to be better humans.  

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The Physical Foundation

The physical system - your body, your vehicle to move through the world.  Through fitness & exercise, your aim is to develop your body, inspire it to grow stronger.  The M||L method prioritizes intelligent training, practical performance, lifestyle movement, and recovery. 


The Mental Game

The cognitive system - your brain, your CPU.  The mind is a powerful tool, but it is just that - a tool.  The mind can also be your worst enemy, setting up road blocks preventing your success.  The M||L method resets the mind to harness it's power towards your greatness.


Emotional Fitness

The emotional system - your heart, your intuition, your spirit.  We take our beating heart for granted and we try to escape "getting too emotional".  The M||L method focuses on connecting deeply to emotions.  By amplifying the heart, you'll bring passion into everything you do.