Free Mover Lift & Flow Training Program (e-book format)


Free Mover Lift & Flow Training Program (e-book format)


A powerful training program to developing STRENGTH & FLUID MOVEMENT!

48-session training program (PDF) that combines primal movement strength training with flow movement practices. Develop functional strength & conditioning alongside mobility, balance, and coordination.

The e-book includes program overview, detailed training notes, movement demonstration index, and 48 training sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this product?

This is a training program in an e-book format. The material contained includes: detailed notes explaining the program, movement demonstration index, and 48 unique training sessions

Do I need gym access for the program?

It's up to you! Train at the gym, train at home, or train outdoors. The gym offers a wide selection of training tools. However, most of the "equipment" can be acquired relatively inexpensively.

What equipment will I need?

At minimum, you'll need: a comfortable open floor space, a sandbag, a balance beam (2x4 wooden plank), and a hanging / pull-up bar. A selection of weighted objects, a plyometric box, and a set of gymnastics rings or TRX are helpful additions.

Is this program appropriate for beginners?

Due to the complexity of lifting techniques and flow movements, I would recommend this program to individuals with at least a year of strength training experience. Beginners who are interested in this training style should strongly consider the Movement || Life Online Training program.

How long is each training session?

Each training session is designed to be 60-75 minutes in duration. However, these sessions can be modified to 30-45 minutes.

What movement are covered in the program?

The program focuses on variations of the following lifts: Squat, Clean, Overhead Press. These lifts are supplemented with bodyweight movement strength movements. The flow movements are a variety of basic locomotive patterns that build in complexity over the course of the program.

What kind of results can I expect?

This is an intensive training program that will build strength, mobility, and athleticism. Results will vary depending on your starting point and frequency of training. With consistent training, you can expect significant improvements in your functional strength and movement fluidity & control.