About me

Hey, I’m Kellen!
I want to help you live with strength, mobility, and freedom of movement

Movement is YOUR Hero's Journey

Before I was a "movement guy", I studied counseling psychology. That background has given me a unique holistic perspective on health & fitness. 

I believe that everyone is on a hero's journey of self-discovery and becoming the BEST VERSION of themselves.

Movement is a big part of that journey. It's vehicle for a healthy body & mind. And through mindful movement practice, you can develop the tools you need for health, resilience, and high performance.

My aim is help you build a movement practice that is a PERFECT fit for you.
Build strength & mobility in BALANCE.
Learn the skills that make you feel like a SUPERHERO.
Move & live with greater PRESENCE & AWARENESS.

My Methods

A holistic approach to fitness that focuses on making movement a way of life.

I know you have a busy life so we focus on simple practices that yield powerful results for performance, longevity, and quality of life.

Through daily mindful movement, effective functional training, and strong lifestyle habits you'll stay moving well & enjoying life for as long as possible.

Daily Movement & Mobility

Daily Dose

Strength & Conditioning

Primal Fitness

Balance & Coordination

Free Mover

My blueprint for Holistic Fitness

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