Hey. I'm Kellen.

I'm equal parts bro, nerd, and hippie.  

I love climbing trees, running barefoot, and handstands.

My brain thrives on hip hop & NPR.  

I drink single-malt scotch because I'm a gentleman.  

It's shocking how happy peanut butter makes me. 

Human connection is my jam.

You can find me at the intersection of movement & psychology. 

I coach driven individuals to create excellence in their health, relationships, and career. 

From the extremes, I learned Balanced health is about integrating & Fine Tuning your practices.


Many years ago, I was partying all the time. My energy & emotions would spiral up and down beyond my control.  I was insecure, aimless, and unhealthy.  

Fast forward a few years later, I was addicted to working out, a slave to my diet, and still plagued by my insecurities. I had the appearance of health, but was way out of balance.  I had a sense of the pieces but I had no idea how they fit together.


I struggled with questions like...

  • How can I maximize my fitness results without living in the gym?
  • How do I easily maintain good nutrition with a hectic work and travel schedule?
  • How can I keep my energy and motivation levels sky-high?
  • How do I beat the "aging process"?
  • How can I keep a better balance between time for me, my family, and my work?
  • How can I reduce my stress and lead a happier life?



I have struggled with obstacles and uncertainty.

I have spent over a decade hunting for the answers.

I've made many mistakes, wasted time, energy, and money.  Without support, without power, I felt alone and stranded in my own existence.

In retrospect, this has all been a natural part of the process.  Every struggle has been in place to enable my growth.  The spark to begin living with more intention came from connecting to my body through movement. 

With education, time, guidance, and intention, I have been able to able to calibrate my own balance of health.   A personal code and a set of physical practices create high energy, calm focus, deepen self-awareness, and expand my perspective on the world.   

My passion lies in coaching driven people to thrive in their human experience.  We use health & fitness as a vehicle to navigate life transitions and drive personal transformation.  

If you're ready to step into your greatness, I'm here for you. I'll support you in discovering what's most important in your life and in developing the strategies to live it.