Physical health sets the stage for tapping into your greatness.

We start by building a strong, flexible, and intelligent body. 



First off, the architectural design of your body is pretty rad.  Humans aren't the strongest runners, jumpers, climbers, lifters, or swimmers.  However, we can do all those movements - crawl, balance, jump, climb, run, lift, throw, fight, swim.  Humans are amazing generalist movers.  

We recognize that your body is designed for and sustained by diverse movement. Our greatest strength is our ability to adapt to changing environments and conditions.  

Your body is bored with the gym.  Traditional exercise methods found at the gym don't even come close to your full movement potential.


Movement || Life focuses on a broad array of movements across different contexts


Intelligent and intuitive training protocols.  Training should be predicated on making consistent forward progress.  On the other hand, your life doesn't revolve around training.  Rigid programs are best left to the pros.  M||L favors a "template" approach that respects that your training should adapt to your life, not the other way around. Templates are built to give you structure, but also deepen your understanding of what's best for you body. 


Practical performance.   Let's be real: life looks nothing like the gym or traditional gym movements.  Even so-called "functional training" only vaguely resembles what life or sport demands. Honey badgers, wolves, unicorns and all other badass creatures stay badass simply by engaging in the movements specific to their wild lifestyle.  At M||L, training is based on practical movements. Whether it's in the gym or in the real world, the emphasis is on movements that mean something.


Lifestyle movement.  The knowledge is out there.  There are libraries of material on everything you could possibly want to know about training.  So why are so many people still struggling to get fit?  Because sustaining a higher level of fitness demands more than 3-5 hours a week and meal prep.  M||L focuses not just on training but on how you can be as active as possible in your lifestyle to maintain energy balance and function.


We practice Mindfulness + Movement to become more aware, more capable, more awesome human beings.


Respect and understand your body.  Lopsided relationships fail.  A balanced relationship between your and your body is essential to longevity.  Honor your body with rest, nutrition, and maintenance.  Give back to your body twice as much as your expect it to perform for you.  To parallel, give freely and ask little in your personal relationships.


Play is every bit as valuable as work.  Play isn't just for kids, it's vital for everyone.  Periods of enjoyment fuel creativity and our ability to contribute to the world.  In play mode, we see the world differently.  We explore, we experiment, and ultimately, we come to conclusions or solutions that elude us in work mode.  Play keeps us inspired and fresh for our work. 


Restoration.  We live in a culture of "doing". We value high performance, strength & conditioning.  We wage war on our weakness or ignore them.  Softer movement modalities can teach us patience to restore lost function and fill-in the missing pieces.  To parallel, we learn the valuable life lesson that there is such a thing as "trying too hard." We're human beings and we get to practice being human.


Express your full self.  Society pushes us to embrace certain emotions and overlook others.  We adopt "roles" and end up suppressing huge parts of ourselves. The badass powerlifter can float on the dance floor. The dainty yogini can jump in the ring and punch someone in the face.  Through movement, you tap into new area of yourself.

By consistently pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone, you'll build a body, mind, and spirit that is strong, flexible, & resilient.