A trained mind serves you.  An untrained mind runs you.

Staying on top of your mental game is essential to your success


The mental system is your CPU.   All the information we collect from the environment and all the emotions we feel are processed through the brain.  The job of the mind is to make sense of everything.  


The mind is really good at what it does. A little too good at times.


The brain always wants to be analyzing, running reports, making comparisons, drawing connections, sending orders.  The brain loves to be the BOSS system.  


And left unchecked, your brain will be the most unrelenting boss you've ever had.  It will run you around non-stop with busy work, obsess over asinine details, and distract you from doing the work that matters. 



Mindfulness can be thought of simple as awareness of what's going on around you in the present moment.  Mindfulness is a skill to harness the power of the mind.  By anchoring the mind in what is going on right now, you focus it's full power on the task in front of you.  


Let's use the analogy of a glass of water.  


An untrained mind will spill the glass and allow the water to spread out.  Attention is wide and shallow.  You're unable to focus much on the task at hand because you're also occupied with past and the future matters of no relevance.  


A trained mind contains the water and holds depth.  Here attention is focused on the present moment.  Attention is narrow and deep.  You are more dialed into the task at hand and find gain more out of the experience at hand.


We practice moving mindfully by focusing on what's going on inside the body and in the environment.  Moving in more complex patterns and environments is useful for increasing mindfulness.


When the mind runs wild, our ego is in the driver's seat. 

Movement || Life focuses on taming your ego and training Your mind to Support you in creating your Perfect life.


Managing your ego.  Just to be straight up, your ego is a motherfucker.  And it will fuck with you by reacting to shit that doesn't matter, judging you hard, and throwing up road blocks in your path to greatness. But it's a part of yourself that you get to manage.  Grow your awareness of when your ego is flaring up and you'll interrupt it's influence.


Living in a growth mindset.  A fixed mindset with fixed limited beliefs is a how we stand in the way of our own success.  These are thought patterns that hold you in place and keep your from transforming.  Thriving in your mental game means holding a growth mindset.  Recognize that talent is overrated, effort is what matters.  Accept that you're going to fail.  Winners turn failure into learning opportunities and rise up to challenges. 


Focus on the process.  The process is the journey we make to our goals.   The process is where we learn and grow.   Many times we focus so much on the outcome, we miss out on the value of the journey.  Outcomes are influenced by many factors beyond our control.  Our process includes our thoughts and behaviors, which are in out control.  When you let do of your death grip on the outcome and allow the process to unfold organically, life has an astonishing way of falling into place. 

Movement || Life helps you bring your mental game to the next level through a model of PRACTICE & PROCESS.  

You practice the training methods that are consistent with your goals. You practice checking your ego. You practice living your top values.  

Along the way, you also make time to process all of this practice.  

Results don't lie.

What's working for you? What adjustments need to be made? 

PRACTICE & PROCESS is where you take ownership for your growth.  This is where you learn to step up and hold confidence in you.