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A Full 10-Day Course designed for all fitness levels with daily short & effective movement practices so you can jumpstart your mobility & longevity. 

Discover the 5 Foundational Movement Patterns to alleviate tension, promote healthy joints, reawaken your body, and start feeling like a kid again.

✅ Plus get The 5 Practice Tips on how to optimize your results.

What some members of Ground Movement 101 have to say...


Cynthia R. 

Wow! These 10 lessons are amazing! I wish I had this at the start of the pandemic, but I'm grateful to have these tools to help me recover. This program has rekindled my spark to value a consistent movement routine, and to show up for myself no matter where I'm at.
Thank you!

Denis W.

This is what I need. I have practiced yoga and taijiquan for many years and continue to train 4 times a week with a trainer in calisthenics, and functional body weight training. I'm a very fit 76-year-old, happy with the fitness workouts I'm doing but feeling the need for something less linear and with more movement and mobility. I'm hooked on what you offer. Now I want to go back over the course (hopefully it will still be available) to embed what you are teaching. Many thanks-I'll definitely, be continuing with your practice.


I love this and really want to continue and grow this practice. Even when I had to push myself to show up once I had started I didn't want to stop. Such a refreshing way to train. I'll never go back to the gym!

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