The goal is creating an integrated life.

 the body, mind, and Heart all in alignment as WE navigate different spaces and experiences.

movement is the vehicle. The key to positive changes in physique, mindset, and happiness.

So here's the deal: I've never performed on stage. I've never thrown down in the ring. I've never won a race and have competed in zero triathlons. My education is not in any exercise related field.

I am, more or less, an average dude who has always loved movement and been passionate about helping people.

To get to the core of it, my training is about awareness.

Awareness of your feelings, thoughts, and movements.

Awareness of your body in relation to the environment.  Awareness of your strengths & limitations.

Awareness of what you want your human experience to be all about. 

I've spent over two decades exploring movement - different sports, martial arts, and training methods.  Over my 10 years coaching, I have settled on the methods / tools that are most effective for average people to achieve extraordinary results.


Natural Movement / MovNAt

Bodyweight / Calisthenics Training



Kettlebell / Barbell Training


All of these disciplines offers something different and a chance to experience yourself a different way. 

Movement Parallels Life is on-going exploration the question

 "How do I want to move?" 

Life is a playground, a laboratory, a blank canvas.
Immerse yourself in all of it.
— Kellen Milad, Movement || Life