The Body collects info about the world.

The Brain organizes the info and calls the shots.

The Heart plays the most important job: to manage the relationship between the two.


Ok.  This one is a little tricky.  Many of us don't deal well with emotions.  More accurately, we don't yet have a lot of practice dealing in emotions(growth mindset, right?).  


We are socialized to control our emotions, we view them as a liability rather than a gift.  


Emotion clouds our judgement and leaves us vulnerable to attack.  Emotional responses should be suppressed at all cost, otherwise you'll probably turn into the Hulk and level a city.  


If you really need a release, get drunk and express all your feels and just deny it the next day.   Spontaneous emotional outbursts will get you labeled "psycho stalker" or "crazy bitch", which one suits you better?


Who are You fighting?


We craft masks to play different characters. We construct walls to protect ourselves from attack.  We armor up and treat each day like we're waging war. 

And all of this stems from the assumption that you must keep a strong front and conceal your weaknesses.  

Do you really have so many "enemies"?  Are they just waiting until your defenses drop?  Seriously?  Are you a member of the Night's Watch? 

No. This isn't GoT, this is your life.  And the only person you're battling is yourself.  You could stop fighting today, this moment, if you chose to do so.




True strength means taking off the armor, tearing down your walls, and facing yourself.  True strength comes from the practice of being vulnerable. 


Being vulnerable is some scary shit.  But it's also beautiful and fucking powerful.


Vulnerability connects you to your emotions.  When you fully immerse yourself in your emotional experiences (especially the unpleasant ones), you deepen your understanding of self.  


This self-awareness builds an unshakeable sense of confidence that comes from within.  Vulnerability drives anti-fragility.  By leaving yourself open to attack you actually become stronger.


You can see the "attacks" from the outside world for what they are:  a pain response that has nothing to do with you.  Regardless of the situation or who throws shade your way, you give zero fucks. 


Movement Drives Emotional Fitness


Be Fully Human.  Cultural norms place expectations on how we express emotion.  However, we're all human and we all experience a full spectrum of human emotions.  Movement || Life sees movement as an opportunity for us to go beyond norms and  learn to express our fully human nature.  


Drink Your Own Kool-Aid.  We are animals.  We have instincts, but we devalue this type of intelligence. We learn that intuition, our inner guiding voice, cannot be trusted.  So we opt to look outside ourselves to find our answers.  Through mindfulness and movement you can sharpen your intuition to feel your way through the journey.  Movement || Life rejects guru thinking and prefers that you drink your own Kool-aid.


Live in Alignment.  What are the top values that guide how you live your life?  What are doing to live in these values everyday?  Your values emerges from your emotion system.  These are the ways you are called to show up in the world.  Many factors can interrupt this and create misalignment.  The key is to recognize your values and practice living them.  Within your movement practice is a great place to get started...


Expand Yourself.  Forget everything else you think you have to do.  You've only got one task in this life...expand towards the best version of you.  That one task underpins every role you play and everything you do.  You, and you alone, are responsible for your self-development.  You are responsible for creating meaning in this life.  Your self expansion is the only thing anyone can do to positively impact the world at large.  You cannot make the world change, but you can change the world...simply by expanding yourself.  


In Movement || Life, we recognize emotional fitness as the missing piece.  The fitness methods and the mental practices are simply a means of getting connected back to the heart.

To walk through life with an open heart is the greatest predicator of success and happiness.  

To show up as anything other than your true self is to squander the gift that is being human.