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The FREE MOVER Community is a place where I share my best content on movement training and wellness. Community members get a host of rewards to help support them in building their own FREE MOVEMENT practice.

I’ve spent over 20 years of my life crafting an approach to health that integrates physical, mental, and emotional health through movement.

One principle stands out above all else: MOVEMENT & LIFE ARE AN ONGOING PROCESS. Movement is a vehicle to learn more about ourselves and grow as human beings.

This is “deep” stuff. It’s not for everyone.

It’s for people who want to put in the work of self-exploration…and have some fun doing it.

I built this community specifically for coaches and creative individuals to get inspiration and support for growing their unique movement practice.

I believe that through a dedicated movement practice and real conversations we can each find our own path in life and bring our best work to the world.

By becoming the best versions of ourselves, the world becomes a better place.

This is the vision. The 10,000 ft. view.

If you’re curious about this rabbit hole, follow the link below.

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