Oh Sh*t Moments



I loved reading the responses to the last e-mail. So awesome to hear from you guys, keep on bringing it!

Also, I started watching Mad Men again. (forgot how much I love that show)

So overall the e-mail was a great move. But then after a few days, I’m realizing “Oh shit…I have to talk now…and there’s no plan…Fuck.” 

I told myself Whatever. Something will come to me. 

(Try it in a super mellow voice with prayer hands, you'll feel all enlightened.)

*Waits a few weeks*

And then the answer hits me…possibly while stoned so no guarantees it's actually the answer.

Play. We gotta go deeper into play.

It's been a thing forever, but the magnitude of it really sunk in these past weeks. It started with a recent workshop I taught in Florida.

I collaborated with some friends to put on an experience called Get Rooted.  The goal was to get this group of adults to embrace some play in their lives and also start to see some of the deeper value in it. 

I knew it would be cool, but had no idea how it was gonna play out.  

I was fascinated watching them interact and decipher these weird movements with tennis balls and Jenga sticks.  There's a lot of growing (and awkwardness) going on. 

Please believe I'm having multiple "Oh shit" moments.

  • "Oh shit, are they weirded out?"
  • "Oh shit, is this even fun?"
  • "Oh shit, how am I going to make this make sense?" 

Whatever. Something will come *Prayer hands*  (basically sliding up in the universe's DMs)

Message received. Things just seem to fall into place when people are playing. I think because it's such a contrast to what people usually feel in everyday life. The whole experience came together nicely and I learned some thangs...

  • Chill out, trust, and let it unfold.
  • Facilitate, don't micromanage. Everyone can take care of themselves.
  • Just play. Let it be that simple. 

That last point is tricky though. We're taught to dismiss play.  It's like, culturally, we confine it to brief moments between periods of work. Grind it out for 5 days and play for 2.

My personal experience of play is much deeper though.

Play is a state of mind that you can bring it to whatever you do.

I’m at my best while in "play mode". I’m in my zone and immersed in the moment. Big stupid smile. Total kid.

I play daily. Once you visit that state enough times, getting back there becomes like flipping a switch.

Play seems like the most important thing to talk about right now so I'm gonna focus on that.

And now I’m really curious to hear what PLAY is like for you weirdos. Lemme throw some questions out there and you can holler back...

  • What messages do you get from the world about play? 
  • What does PLAYING look and feel like to you?
  • What circumstances allow you to get into a state of play? 

ALSO...send any questions you might have for me because I'm going to be doing some LIVE STREAMS very soon (stay tuned!)

In terms of starting a new conversation, I can’t think of a better place to take it. 

Tag, you’re it.