Change the Conversation

"If you don't like what's being said, change the conversation"

-Don Draper

Hey. What’s up? 

I haven’t sent out an e-mail or wrote much of anything in a long time. (TBH writing what I was writing was draining me.) 

I’ve been hanging out mostly on YouTube recently. If you’ve been following along over there, thank you for watching and commenting. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the feedback. I’m definitely going to keep that going for a while.  

It’s been cool...but I can feel there’s something missing.

I wasn't sure what it was and then the other day and it hit me. My favorite part of this whole thing are the interactions that I have with you, my fellow weird movement peoples!

Real conversation, exploration, human connection - I really need more of that in my life.

I’ll cut to the point. The current conversations in fitness and self-development are mostly boring AF.

The world really doesn’t need any more skill tutorials, diet protocols, life hacks, or advice on how to compartmentalize your life. It's constant noise distracting us from really digging in and experiencing something deeper. 

We need less people talking at us and we need more SPACE. 

  • Space to cut through the noise.
  • Space to make sense of things and find meaning. 
  • Space to get up and take action.
  • Space to connect with each other and grow. 

What do you say we try something radical and make this space, here, about the process of real life?  

Here’s what I’m thinking...

I’m gonna send out this newsletter every few weeks. It might be related to training but mostly just whatever is on my mind at the time. For better and worse, if it’s one thing that I’m always doing it’s processing some shit.

I’m gonna share some stuff. If you wanna e-mail me back and share some stuff, I would love that. We can stop bullshitting like we have all the answers and have everything figured out. Let’s keep it real and just talk and see what happens. 

My hope is to build a space where we can be open about our flaws, and struggles, and insecurities. To share what lights us up. To be empathetic and loving but also make fun of ourselves and all this fuckery. 

It’s an experiment because I want more "LIFE" in Movement Parallels Life.

Actually, I think it’s gonna be pretty legit.

 Still, I’m freaking out a little bit about sending this e-mail so I’m gonna go make a snack and go to CoMotion. Consider yourself warned and get ready for more weird to come.