Naturally Fit: A Milwaukee MovNat Experience

Naturally Fit.  It's like me,  a little different.  It's a lot of movement from various disciplines.  It's crawling, climbing, jumping, balancing, lifting, running.  It's about mindfulness. It's about connection, not competition. It's a little hard to explain, but once you experience it you'll know what it's all about.  It's what your body was designed for.

And it's going down at CrossFit 100 in Milwaukee - Saturdays 1pm - 2pm.  

Register on Meet Up  or on the CrossFit 100 website.

The video is a taste of some of the climbing / hanging techniques we'll explore.  Don't freak out, that's not beginner stuff.  It's meant to show that movement occurs along a spectrum and over time your body becomes capable of some pretty amazing feats.  It's not a race though, because you never get to the finish line of movement.  There are always new progressions to challenge and new expressions to explore.  But good things happen when you start moving beyond the traditional boxes.

Does that make you even just a little curious?  Then come experience it for yourself.

And if you're wondering why I can't just do a typical bootcamp, just keep on reading...

January marks my 7-year anniversary as a health professional. While I’m still a baby in this field, it’s been amazing to reflect on the tremendous rate of growth in these beginning years. I feel very fortunate to have been exposed to the ideas and concepts of big picture thinkers.  These experiences have allowed me to cultivate a deeper understanding of movement and fitness, build awareness across multiple dimensions of health, and foster the ability to live more naturally and intuitively.  I feel even more fortunate to be coaching others through their journey.

We’re all a unique blend of biochemistry and experience. No two people will experience the path the same way.  However, there are certain common landmarks in the process.  We are subjected to the social norms of our culture, one such norm is the idea of “the human zoo.”

The human zoo describes our current situation where movement is relegated to exercise, electronic connection trumps interpersonal connection, and our exposure to nature is limited.

Breaking out of the human zoo is to establish an existence where we move, interact, and live more naturally is a giant landmark in the process of reclaiming our health.

I am particularly passionate about helping people make it to this landmark.  It all begins with the awareness that modern living isn’t direct correlated with better living.  Once that seed starts to grow, you begin to see the many ways in which you are in control of our health.  I sometimes refer this as a reawakening. This awakening cannot be forced, you have to come to it on your own terms. There are many points of entry - medicine, nutrition, meditation / breathing, community, and, of course, movement.  And when it happens, a cascade of positive energy begins to run through the entirety your life.

I don’t make apologies for sounding like a "new age hippie weirdo" because these ideas simply represent a return to being fully human.

Personally, movement sparked my reawakening and continues to keep me connected to my health on a daily basis.  I know the process takes time, effort, patience, and faith.  The Milwaukee Free Movers is a community that supports members this process.

Naturally Fit is an extension of my own movement practice - rooted in the principles and practice of MovNat and blended with some elements of yoga, martial arts, calisthenics, gymnastic strength training, and parkour.  My teaching emphasizes efficient and practical movement skills.  But the underlying intention is to create a space for people to reawaken through play and movement exploration.   The consistent practice of better movement increases your fitness and your mindfulness.  With this follows a greater sense of confidence and control surrounding your most important personal asset, your health.

Keep moving, friends!