MovNat meets HIIT: A Minimalist Workout

Get Hooked on MovNat

I have been teaching natural movement for about 6 years. In that time, I've spent countless hours exploring the practice and what it means to me. I’ve coached thousands of people. I've experimented with many different kinds of workouts.  All in efforts to figure out what's the best way to get people over the initial hump and hooked on natural movement. 


In MovNat, we talk about the “ideal” session looking something like this…

  • 5 minutes of breathing drills.
  • 15 minutes of ground-based mobility warm-up compromised of sitting drills and get ups.
  • 20 minutes of skill work - lifting, jumping, crawling, climbing, etc...
  • 10-15 minute conditioning combo. 
  • 10 minute finish with more breathing and ground mobility.


This is a solid template that looks great on paper but can be cumbersome for those just getting started with MovNat. The learning curve and over-coaching can easily interrupt the flow of the session.


The common misconception I hear about MovNat is that it is too basic and too slow.  Honestly, now I can understand where people are coming from on this. People looking for an intense workout straight away are often left disappointed or not getting quite enough stimulus. At the end of the day, if the session is too unfamiliar or doesn't meet fitness expectations, it may not be compelling enough for people to come back for more. 


Personally, I've missed many opportunities to connect with a new audience because I presented MovNat too slowly. Quality of movement, progressive training, mindfulness, attention to detail, slowing down, efficiency - these concepts are not going to land right away if the main objective is getting your sweat on. 


We all have certain expectations of fitness training, therefore I find it helpful to deliver MovNat in a more familiar package.


Minimalist Conditioning

One approach I've found to be successful over the past several years is an interval-style workout using MovNat variations. It's a time-saving session that's easy to jump into (especially on cold winter days). For teaching purposes, its just nice to get people putting in the work - there's no substitute for practice.  Exposure and repetition are essential for learning.


The workout has a simple format, 30 movements each performed for ~60 seconds.  There is no equipment or specific context necessary.  This 30-minute workout can be performed in the privacy of one’s home. The design aims to create waves of intensity while spreading out the training stress across a wide array of patterns. The session keeps you in the movement and prompts you to adjust your effort accordingly.  I call this "minimalist fitness” - the idea is to limit distractions and do more with less.


Natural movement is definitely a different look than we're used to in mainstream fitness.  The movements may be unfamiliar and there are many questions on how to practice.  This workout has a low barrier of entry and can make for a good first impression to MovNat.  It offers a familiar experience with high energy & intensity while encouraging a shift towards more mindful and organic movement. 


Once you feel it, the process starts building momentum. It doesn't happen overnight but I've seen it happen where one workout becomes the catalyst for massive changes in health and fitness.  Find something new to love about your workout and it might just change everything.

MovNat meets HIIT Minimalist Workout

  1. Rock Up BS Reach Up
  2. SBS Hip Switch to Kneel 
  3. Long Sit Walks / Reach
  4. Rock Up Fig 4.
  5. Supine Hip Escape
  6. Bal Sit BWS
  7. Rock Up to Bipod Tuck
  8. Circle Crawl
  9. Press Plank
  10. FH Crawl to Hip Roll
  11. Inverted Plank Hip Lift
  12. Rolling Squat Get Up + Jump
  13. Sprawl
  14. 3-point Plank Hold
  15. Side Push Up
  16. Squat Spiral
  17. Rock Back Hip Press Up
  18. Kneeling Get Up 
  19. Tuck Jump
  20. FH Crawl
  21. Squat Walk
  22. FH Crawl Kick Thru
  23. Inverted Crawl
  24. Rolling SLS Get Up
  25. SL Step Over  R
  26. SL Step Over L
  27. Tuck Ups
  28. Long Roll
  29. Bridge Push Ups
  30. Prone Spinal Extension