Movement Minute - Clean Up Your Crawling

Hey! It's been a minute. Happy New Year.

It's great to bring back the Movement Minute for 2017.  My aim is provide a lot of value in this little segment.  Being a movement junkie for many years now, I've come to realize that good movement lies in the details. So in addition to movement demonstrations I'll also start adding explanations of more nuanced elements of these natural movement practices.

This week we're talking about crawling and the importance of stable shoulder positioning. The idea is that when supporting bodyweight through the arms, it's crucial to have a solid connection to the ground, sound structural integrity through the arms, and active engagement through the shoulder girdle.  When you start crawling around in space, maintaining proper shoulder positioning and support is crucial to avoiding injury and moving like a ninja. 

The video will explain the key points to keep in mind for the upper body when going through crawling patterns.  This will not only make you a cat-like crawler, but also improve your push-ups, presses, overhead lifts, and even handstands.  When you step back to look at it all, it's pretty cool how all these movement patterns connect.  Step back more and you'll begin to see how these movement connect to the larger context of your life, but that's a conversation for a different time. 

That's all for now, friends. Keep moving, love your practice, and savor the process.