How Natural Movement Changed My Life: Letting Go

Movement & Life...como viene

Natural Movement has been the impetus for me making some major changes in my life.  What began as a simple shift away from exercising in the gym to training in the outdoors, turned out to create a profound shift in how I see the world.  In the gym, everything was laid out for me, everything had a specific purpose.  In the natural environment it quickly became apparent that I I couldn't just change the lay out to suit me.  A tree is not a piece of equipment, and it's on me to figure out how to climb it.   Outside, I got to survey every landscape and adapt accordingly, a union between body and mind.  And within this practice I was learning a huge life lesson. Take it as it comes. 


Life is happening right now.  You choose to resist it or you can choose to accept it.


My life had been characterized by resistance.  Firm agendas and limiting beliefs on how I should train, work, play, interact, love, etc...  I viewed every life obstacle as a problem that needed to be fixed.  In training, physical obstacles weren't problems, they became learning opportunities.  This opened the door to see life challenges through a different lens.


Take it all as it comes. accept it with gratitude.  


Damn. That moment when you realize you've spent a lot of years fighting against the current of life.  As my awareness has grown through training, I see how I've been relying on so many crutches.  Behaviors and actions that have held me back from living an authentic existence.  

Crutches keep us comfortable.  Losing them means standing on our own. This is self-work. It's uncomfortable, it will stretch you, it will leave you vulnerable...fuck it, do it anyway.  

Part of the problem is we've all become so conscious of not losing face.  Yet, everyone has their baggage.  When we take ownership of our baggage it creates space for a new story.  Take a deep breath and go first...


Health & fitness crutches.  All the programs I've followed. All the supplements I've consumed. All the flashy athletic apparel, accessories and apps I had to have.  Beating my body into compliance with my "fitness goals". Though it all served a purpose at one time, none of it was ever as necessary as it seemed.  Now, I can let that shit go and create health on my terms.

Relationship crutches.  Settling for texting over talking to avoiding deeper connection.  Shutting down to escape pain. Clinging to my ego.  Taking the people I love for granted because they have always been there…someday they won’t be.  These crutches once served to insulate me from a world that seemed cold.  I ended up freezing my heart.  Time to let that shit go and love as freely as a I move.

Everyday crutches.  A mindless acceptance of convenience via elevators / escalators / chairs.  A dependence on constant electronic connection & entertainment. A reliance on substances to amp & mellow.  An addiction to junk food & junk media.  A general avoidance of anything uncomfortable  - temperatures, sounds, opinions, activities.  The tighter I grip the reigns the more elusive happiness becomes.  I've been playing it safe and small, but just getting through the day unscathed is no longer enough.  Let that shit go and immerse yourself in your life.


I still cling to some of these crutches, it's a work in progress.  Time isn't the enemy, it's an inspiration.  This is my continual journey of letting go and creating more with less.   All it took was an interruption to my mindset of entitlement and fear.  For me, that interruption has been natural movement.  A vehicle to embrace my unique greatness.  A grounding force in my commitment to stand on my own and live in my own standard of excellence.


And I recognize that this strength resides within us all. 

What kind of interruption will shake your soul?