How Natural Movement Changed My Life - Freedom to Move

 Photo credit: 414 Photography

Photo credit: 414 Photography

Making Sense of Movement

It's been just over four years since I started practicing and teaching fitness from a natural movement perspective.  When I started, I was traveling around the country every week leading events, sharing MovNat, and figuring out movement on my own terms.  I hit a wall after about 18 months and decided to step away to assess.  I didn't know if MovNat would just be a phase, that thing I did once upon a time or if it would stay with me.  I took a 2 year hiatus from working for MovNat but I never stopped applying the principles in training, coaching, or in my life. I see natural movement (or the absence of) everywhere and in everything I do.

Now I am back on the MovNat leadership team and just returned from events in Los Angeles and San Diego. These days, I'm coaching from different place. I am honored to use these events as an opportunity to share how I MovNat and allow others to find their own style. What started as a set of techniques has turned out to go so much deeper.  While MovNat is a phenomenal foundation for any fitness endeavor, my message is that it can be so much more - if you're open to it.  For the first time I'm sharing, from the heart, how MovNat has changed my life.    This will be a series of short posts where I briefly explain some of the layers in which Natural Movement has enhanced my life.


Freedom to Move

My experience of the mainstream fitness industry in a nutshell...

So many systems, so many tools, so many people pushing shit that doesn't work, so many people clinging to dogma,  so many people trying to hack their way to health without building a foundation, so many people sacrificing health for excessive fitness, so many people confined to their comfort zone.

And just as I was starting to question this whole paradigm, MovNat came onto my radar.  I was tired of arbitrary workouts and running myself into the ground. I was tired of chasing goals that weren't really mine. I was really tired of judging myself and comparing myself to others.

I wanted to define fitness on my own terms.

I didn't want to conform to a mold or be limited by any one identity - CrossFitter, bodybuilder, yogi, runner, baller...I wanted to embody many of those qualities. I wanted to be strong, fast, powerful, flexible, athletic

...and pain free, confident, disciplined, focused, connected, and joyful.  That's all, really am I asking too much?

Natural movement provided me a framework to create this in my life.  A way to decipher the primary concepts of any fitness system / discipline and take away the most relevant pieces to add to my practice.  MovNat helped me see the connection between different dialects of the language that is movement.  More than a set of techniques, MovNat became a way to understand the connection between the many different compartments out there.  To begin tearing down the walls and creating an integrated approach to training that suits me as an individual.  As a result, my training became about how I move through the world for practicality, play, and personal expression.  Regardless of the time of day, location, or situation, I feel confident and free to move to support my health.

And now I get to pay it forward.  Come work with me at a MovNat workshop or Schedule a Movement Mindset Session and start creating change today.