#GroundMovementMonday - Hip Rotations & Kneeling Positions

Slowing down the flow for this week in favor of more static holds to challenge balance and activation.

This type of flow feels especially restorative for me as it target some of my tight areas.  There's a high emphasis on internal and external rotations which always seem to balance out my hips and keep my knees feeling good.  Don't move into any painful movements. Rather use these patterns to make you strong in some new ranges of motion.

I also put a lot of reaching patterns in this flow that challenge balance. The key is active engagement in the seated and kneeling positions; I'm never just resting on my support. I am rooting into the ground and creating length throughout my body whenever possible.  Stability doesn't just happen, it comes from the inside out. 

Seize this opportunity to slow down and savor your practice time. Stretch, breathe, and allow the movements to connect and land in your body.  It's a little different, a little weird maybe, but exactly what I mean when I say "love your practice."