#GroundMovementMonday - 2.13.17

What we do on Monday sets the tone for the entire week.  I don't want to wake up on Monday only to put on my war paint and run screaming into battle.  Conversely, I don't want to linger in the aimlessness of Sunday afternoon either. 


To me, Mondays symbolize a blank canvas, the beginning of a new creation.  This can be both daunting and exciting...for me it's usually more on the daunting side. 


Lately, I've been really looking at the practices that set me up for a successful week.  The theme that's been emerging is intentionality.  Laying out my intentions for the week and finding ways big and small to align my actions accordingly.  This is the essence of building a life that your personal masterpiece.


Moving with intention and falling into the flow of life is the inspiration for  #GroundMovementMonday.  A few minutes dedicated to mindful movement and checking in with yourself.  There's a long week ahead, but it will go quick - it always does.  Focus your attention, set your intention, and let's get it.