Free Movement - Balancing & Crawling

Free movement is playful, practical, and personal. It’s a means of exploring the world at large. The ability to move with confidence and to adapt to any environment. Free movement comes from dedicated physical preparation and holding a child-like mindset of curiosity.  These Free Movement Snacks are meant to help you see the world in opportunities and begin to take movement out of the box.

Adaptivity and creativity. IMO these are of the most overlooked elements when it comes to the practice of movement.  Mostly because these concepts are difficult for us to initiate.  We live in a world that is so wrapped up in logistics, instructions, and deadlines that we rarely get the opportunity to express ourselves without boundaries.  We've likely been deprived of these opportunities since childhood. The experience is foreign to us now, it provokes feelings of anxiety or awkwardness.  This has certainly been my experience.  The infinite possible combination of keystrokes after clicking "create new document".  A blank piece of paper and pencil begging to be united through sketch.  The arrangement of ingredients in your kitchen to compose a delicious meal.  A song that compels your body to vibrate, undulate, and gyrate.  All experiences that no child would shy away from, no matter what the outcome. Yet as adults, we're lost in a paradigm of rules, evaluation, and critique.

Undoubtedly, we're the product of our environment of linear, outcome-based thinking.  Yet, our ability to adapt and to create is innately human.  It resides inside of us, even if it has been lying dormant for years.  Free movement provides us a chance to draw out these traits. In a world, where everyone is connected to their digital persona, free movement helps us return to a more connected human experience.

Free movement doesn't occur overnight.  It's a process.  Movement snacks are meant to facilitate the process by sharpening the senses, building awareness, and encouraging exploration.  This is movement nutrition for your body and mind.  This snack blends balancing and crawling.  Two boards set up parallel to one another -  move from board to board,  face different directions,  change speeds. Transition to crawling, moving in open space on all fours as fluidly as possible.  Return to the balancing.  Feel the after effects of crawling as you control your breathing and return to moving with precision.  Move freely between balancing and crawling for 3-5 minutes.

Recognize your awesomeness.  Learn from your mistakes. Breathe. Smile.

Your expression won't look like anyone else's, it won't even look the same twice.  And that's the point. Let go of the plan for the moment and just move.