#GetConnected 7-day Movement Challenge

Welcome to the challenge! 

We're here to get you introduced to natural movement training in a fun and approachable way. The only equipment you'll need is some open floor space and something to hang from for days 6 & 7.


You'll explore movements like crawling, squatting, and hanging in a "flow" format. There's structure to the routine, but also room to play. Think of these videos as a template to support your movement exploration.


Granted, it can be a little awkward when you're just starting out. That's totally normal.  Each of the practices are short and easy to follow. Once you get started, you'll want to practice longer - do it!  The more you move the more the positive momentum builds.


Inside 7 days, you can expect to notice some good changes...

You feel more balanced and fluid in your movement.

You have greater range of motion and stability

You feel strong, confident, and energized.

And that is only the beginning!

Jump In with Day 1!

You're only a few minutes away from better movement.